The Beginning

by The Hymn

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released July 31, 2012



all rights reserved


The Hymn Chandler, Arizona

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Track Name: We Cry Jesus
We need to feel you
We need to know that you are here
Please come surround us
We need to know that you are near
We're trusting in your hands
We know that you've got plans that we don't know
But God please show up
before we lose our hope

We cry Jesus
We cry Jesus
We cry Jesus now

Sometimes all we know
is we don't know much at all
But we know you've got strength
enough to fill us all
Everything inside us says
that you're the one to make this go away
But God it's still here
God it's not going away

I stand amazed at what you've done
I stand amazed at what you've done
You turned the bad into
You turned the bad into what we've become
Track Name: Pull Me Back
The pieces of me feel so broken
and I can't seem to find a cure
to this sickness I've been fighting
Everywhere I look I find
nothing seems to satisfy
this hunger I've been feeling

You pull me back
You call my name
You pull me back
where I'm supposed to be

Everybody seems so broken
no one else can find a cure
to whatever dwells inside us
We're all looking for the answers
to the questions we don't know
and wonder why we're all hurting
Track Name: Wake Up (cover)
We have seen the pain
that shaped our hearts
And in our shame
We're still breathing, 'cause

We have seen the hope
of your healing
Rising from our souls
is the feeling
We are drawing close
Your light is shining through
Your light is shining through

Wake up, wake up, wake up
wake up all you sleepers
Stand up, stand up
Stand up all you dreamers
Hands up, hands up
Hands up all believers
Take up your cross, carry it on

all that you reveal
with light in us
will come to life
and start breathing, 'cause

here we stand our hearts are yours, Lord
not our will but yours be done, Lord (3x-4x)
Track Name: Your Love
The simplest of love songs
but it's all my heart can take
Lift my voice to sing your name
but it's all my lungs can take
I see the beauty in the breeze
and its all my eyes can take
Lift my hands to you in praise
but it's all my strength can take

Your love is like
raging waters and I
all I wanna do is jump on in
But here I stand on the shore
begging you for more
When all I've got to do is jump on in

The hurricane is coming
I feel it coming for me
Jesus I know your coming
but I'm not sure I'm ready
I see the miracles around me
I try hard to believe
but when I see the world in pain
it seems too much for me