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You went to Chicago
Got on a plane
And flew a thousand miles away
And I never thought I'd miss you as much as I did
You were only gone for a moment
But I drove past the few places we spent
Most our time just to see if I could feel like you might be mine

Cause It's a gift to be in your presence
And I know that I could never give you enough presents
To make up for the things that you've taught me in this

And i swear my heart is in this
From that very first ride
Up that hill to the fountain
Just you and me on a drive

I remember I looked into your eyes
And something happened deep down inside
I wont use a word like love or a fall
But my God that night I could have showed you it all

All of my cards out here in the open
And everything within can't keep from hoping
That my hand matches yours and our bets aren't too high
So the pot is split, but you get just a little bit more of mine

I'll give what's left of me
For just a piece of you
And I promise that ill keep it safe
And keep it buried deep inside this mess we call faith

And you might think I'm foolish
I don't know what I'm in for
But our hearts are like rivers
So lets take the rapids together

Cause every night you were gone
I screamed at the top of my lungs
If this is not for me
If its some sort of game
Please take it God
Take it all away
Cause I am tired of sewing up my heart
And these last few months have ripped those stitches apart

But maybe, just maybe,
you are the thread that puts that last piece in place
Or maybe you're just another piece to take away

But either way

I fell in love with the thought of Holding your hand
And I've never tried so hard to discover his plan
Cause God I want to know
Whether this is for me
Cause if its not
Im sorry but I've gotta leave

Cause my heart is in this
From that very first ride
Although I may have fooled you
I sure tried to hide

Cause I don't know if your the one
This may be in vain
And I've never been a sucker
for this kind of pain
But I'll risk it all to try to make this work
And over every other girl on this earth
Right now I want you, every piece you thinks broken
Cause I believe in a God who created pieces from spoken
Words from his mouth, he created us in his image
And every piece of you, broken or not,
is everything I've ever dreamed I wanted


from His & Hers, released May 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hymn Chandler, Arizona

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