Painting Jesus

from by The Hymn

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It started in darkness
As chaos in sued
Maybe something like your life
Cause that sounds a lot like mine too

With just the sound of his voice
Just a few simple words
The greatest metaphors we know
Light and darkness were formed

God my words couldn’t dream
Of the impact of yours
But right here right now speak through me
I’m yours

I’ve said it a thousand times
And I’m never quite sure if it’s working

They say your love is as big as my mind can wrap around
Even bigger some say, on the days that I’m down
But that magnitude scares me, I’m afraid that I’ll drown
So I’ll just keep swimming in this puddle I’ve made
In my mind like a chasm, a tiny raft on a tidal wave

You are so much bigger than my mind lets me see
And you love so much better than any person I’ll meet
Our flesh tears holes in the peace of our existence
Our own bodies like zombies eat us away upon resistance
And I can’t stand to think of all the things that I’ve done
But then again you don’t, you’ve thrown them away, their gone

But this god that you speak of seems so far away
But there’s people out there that swear that he knows my name
The hairs on my head and the dreams of my heart
But there’s absolutely no way he made this and called it art

Paul said it perfectly, I am the worst of these
But every now and again I swear I’ve got that guy beat
And I stole that from a brother, I’m sure he won’t mind
Cause that’s the least of the darkness that I’m hiding inside

You don’t know what I’ve done
If hate in my heart equals murder on this earth
Then lock me up and throw away the key
Put me in a straight jacket cause I’m a killer
I’ve watched hate creep into my eyes
while I look at the people I call my friends
And I don’t even remember all my victims names

But you still love me
Forgiveness at it’s finest, hanging on a tree
A man living blameless died for you and me
And yet I have to remind myself of that almost by the minute
Because I can’t seem to hold myself together
Long enough for it to sink in.

But death, that’s not the end
Thats not the last chapter, thats not the towel thrown in
The son of God came and he died but he rose again
And that’s the reason I can stand here today
Forgiven and free and blameless in every way

I know what you’re thinking, not this again
Trust me when I tell you it’s way easier for me
To say Jesus loves you, than to believe that he loves me too
And I promise, I swear that the Jesus you know
Doesn’t care about money or putting on a show
He’s nothing like me or your preacher or your mom
And I know that we’ve all represented him wrong
We’ve lied, and we’ve cheated, we’ve hated and cursed
And with those same mouths proclaimed the beauty of birth
I’m sorry for the people out there, including me
Who painted Jesus upside for you

As hard as is it to believe anything is real
There’s a God who loves you and he knows how you feel
He longs for, and waits for, and wants only you
And deep down inside you know you need him too

So don’t ignore that stirring that you’re feeling now
Don’t let it end when I take a bow
Listen to a God who loves you more than you know
More than your Dad who left you
Or that man that just throws
You away like your trash
Says he’ll find someone new
Jesus died so you could feel love
And he died for him too.

So today begins the start of eternity
And the good news is we only last about 80 years or maybe 100
cause I’m sick of this body
And the pains of this place
But I know he’s coming
Some days it seems like a race

Jesus is coming to make all things new
To throw away the pains of this world and this body
No crying, no hurting, no knives in the back
He’s coming to renew us, and I hope he gets here soon


from His & Hers, released May 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hymn Chandler, Arizona

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