Scared Of Rocks

from by The Hymn

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When people ask me what I’m scared of
I never know what to say
Because if I admit its the dark
The scares me the most
If I admit that when I go outside and it’s night time
That I run to my car and breath heavily there
And my eyes dart around to see if anyone cares
If I admit that my heart beats three or four times as fast
After the sun goes down and I’m caught in this vast
Expanse of darkness that’s scary

I think it’s scary because the darkness is nothing
You never know what it hides
Cause I’ve seen darkness in peoples eyes
And they hide all their secrets that they’ve locked up inside
Like the pills that they took just to keep themselves living
Or the night that they stood at the top of that building
Just hoping they’d have the guts to jump off
But the darkness of the street is still scary
Even from all the way up here

But there is nothing to be scared of
I fear that I’ve seen the worst
I used to be scared of you seeing me cry
But now it seems that I cry all the time
Sometimes this heart I’ve been given is so full of this crap
That I can’t help but spill water from my eyes
And yell take this and god take that

Because I have been at the end of my rope
And I’ve watched the people around me cope
With the exact same stuff that I’m going through
Yet somehow they seem put together

But I’m falling apart
If you know what I mean
I have hit the rock bottom and sometimes thats ok
You see the bottom is nice, it gives me somewhere to lay
Somewhere to rest knowing I can’t get much lower

But the rocks are the hard part
They poke and they stab and get all the right spots
Pouring blood from my wounds and refusing to clot

But when you hit the bottom and can’t go anymore
That’s always when your plate stacks again
“You can carry one more?” right?
WRONG, I’m done and I’m through
And it’s here that I’ve most experienced you

You see God I know now that I need you
And sometimes I hate you for it

Cause God when I’m at my lowest I can’t help it
I don’t have a choice or a plan
And I have to give up and trust that your hands
Are big enough to hold up me and my stuff
But I hope you know there’s a lot and most of it’s pretty tough

You just reach out your arms
Like those old poems say
And speak softly and kindly
And from the darkness bring day
But it always seems just a little too late

Cause God my nights don’t always bring happy mornings
And my days often end in the darkness of your things
I can’t tell you that I trust all the time
And I can’t claim this last time to be anything but mine

But I do know that you love even through questions
And my fear and my tears and oncoming depression
Are no match for the spirit that wells up inside me
Like a phoenix from ashes your love it compels me
To praise in the darkness and thank you for night
And when morning comes to smile because tomorrow just might
Bring a new set of problems to bring me down harder
Only for you to pick me up and show that you are much stronger


from His & Hers, released May 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hymn Chandler, Arizona

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