Sex & Pearls

from by The Hymn

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I wanted to write you something
Because that's what I do when I give my heart away

But this time feels different,
I say that every time
But this time feels different

When I think of you
I think of the night that we drank
And rubbed our hands together
As steam filled our face

And you said I hated life
Because I preferred the sweetness of my cup to the bitter of yours

Are we foolish to think that our cups combined
Could really make something sweeter than mine
And could two lives together be better than one
And could we ever find the center of whatever this has become

Because everyone around me tells me I'm loved
But unless its from you it never seems like enough

And I know there's a love bigger than life
But I've always been happier with someone else's skin close to mine

That night you told me what all of this meant
That everything we did was to find that one person
We would choose to love with a love that had no end

I know why the use the word fall when they talk about love
Because I definitely tripped into whatever this is
I never meant for this to happen
As the words left my lips
But now when I think about you
It's hard not to think that your it.

And I talk about you like she talks about the moon
The way her eyes light up as she's sees it poke through
The darkness of night as we stand on the street
Never noticing the source of the light that we see

My friends say I've changed
Not for better or worse
But they say that it seems I've just replaced my curse
Cause the space in my head has filled with thoughts of a who
Not a love or a grace or a mercy for you

But that's what I want, that's the true goal
To love her like you do
But God I can't do that cause I'm not you

So I pick up the broken pieces that I've come to know as my life
And I try to piece them back together all in order just right
So that as I present myself to whoever she is
She might see something whole not the truth that this is
Not a whole man, not a perfect creation
I’ve been with too many and all my pieces are taken

And God if she knows that, if she’s sees the real me
I’ve got to be honest, I’m afraid that she’ll leave
Cause I’ve never shown anyone the truth of my past
But then again I’ve never had anyone last
And I’ve never wanted anyone to
The way that my heart longs for that someone to be you

But I’m not the victim, I’ve taken pieces too
There were nights that I laid with her and I thought about you
I knew the whole time that she wasn’t the one
But my body took hold and chose the cheap thrill over none
And now I have to tell my future wife
that I’ve saved next to nothing for our now combined life
And I know that you know this probably more than I do
But I’m sorry I will never ever ever be as whole as you

God I'm broken can you make me whole
Cause this whole worlds got me singing at the top of my lungs
Songs of freedom and heartbreak, of sex and of pearls
This whole worlds got me singings songs about a girl


from His & Hers, released May 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hymn Chandler, Arizona

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