Guard My Heart

from by The Hymn

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My pastors tell me to guard my heart
But you've got yours locked up like the yard
Like its doing time for some heinous crime it committed in a past life

Don't you think you've taken it a little too far

Cause I'm slowly learning my pastors aren't always right
Your heart in a box with three locks and a chain
To me that's no way to live

We were created to be one with someone
A man stood in a garden
Alone in the image of the highest creator
No one greater
And he who reigns on high did not say it is good
Instead he created another who looked a lot like you

They say I wear my heart on my sleeve like its a bad thing
But maybe God was just tired after 5 days of working
So instead of putting it out in the open
He locked it up behind these bars so easily broken

And now tell our children false teachings
of the way we should care for it.

Well I fired my guard and I tore down these walls
And enemies have attacked but I have a god who doesn't lack
Love or mercy or grace
And though its always come back to slap me in the face

I will not guard my heart or question intruders
To the least of these I do to you so
If their hungry I will feed them from the walls of my ventricles
If their thirsty I will quench them
with the red that pumps through me

Some say this makes me less of a man
That I come not whole to the core of his plan
But I'm pretty sure whoever she is will understand
That's what's left of me is here
And the rest is out there
Tucked away in the memories of the people I've shared with

And I won't regret a thing
Because I know to the best of my ability
I've loved at 100 percent
And I've given from the core of my being

And slowly but surely I will find the combinations
To the locks on the box that holds your precious creations
And lock after lock, chain after chain
You will be freed from the binds you're contained in
And if not for me for someone else
But at least I will know that I've given you help
In escaping from the hell you've been placed in
Cause a heart in a box can't love like the ocean


from His & Hers, released May 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hymn Chandler, Arizona

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